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Weed Control + Hazard Reduction

We use our herd of goats to selectively graze vegetation for weed control and hazard reduction on your property.  

Our goats will eat a variety of vegetation including many noxious and environmental weed species. Click here for a full list.

We will survey your site prior to introducing the herd to ensure the safety of our goats and to protect sensitive plants and habitat where necessary.  We then erect goat-proof, temporary electric fencing and provide all care for the goats.

There are many benefits to hiring goats for vegetation management including:

    • goats can work in difficult to access, steep or rough terrain
    • weed seeds are devitalized during the goats' digestive process
    • reduced chemical/herbicide use
    • reduced need for hazard reduction burns

Please visit our colleagues @ Herds for Hire to learn more about what we are bringing to the Southern Highlands!